Monday, October 18, 2010

The best year to do MBA..

I could have done my MBA in the year 2005 , 2006 ..2009 but somehow in the end I am doing this in the year 2010 and have earned the senior citizen tag in my class . But today I got one reason why god gave me this year as the year to do MBA . This thought came to me in the Macroeconomics and Corporate finance class .
       The whole of microeconomics teaches the behavior of the economy as a whole and how to manage during recession . The whole of Corporate finance tells of the risk and return and the managing during recession times .Now you guys can find out  where this is going . The whole world is trying to come out of a recession , everywhere government is trying to do something , every corporate is expanding  and what can be the best case study to learn management of recession than to observe all these above in the time of happening ? Just imagine studying recession during boom of the 2005 . I would have completely discarded the learning as rubbish  as all the world did that time . None could foresee the recession and when that really occurred , everyone ran for cover . Now that I have seen the recession , seen the complete boom of 2005 to recession of 2007-08 and the corresponding recovery through active government intervention , I do buy the theory what I am reading .
    So in the end i got one solid point why 2 year MBA so late . I can tell everything has a time and hence stop worrying , start doing ..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brand Rajni..

We all know brand is a set of promises and delivering the promises to the customer is the brand management .Then where does the Rajni Brand stands ?If one see the bald-headed , thin Rajni off the screen , then one can never understand why fans are so crazy about him ? But let's ponder .
                    Whenever Rajni makes a movie it promises it's fans (read customers) a grand extravaganza of music , action , fun and emotion which is intangible .If we take movie making as a service and then we can know how the intangibility of movie experience is , then we can admire the fact how this brand delivers what it promises . The important fact to remember is how the man carries himself off the screen .People say he is the altar of modesty and he is a superb gentleman and these are the characteristics which makes him look larger than life . All this is of utmost importance for brand management where you try to win the heart of the customer through excellent service delivery . The gap between what people perceives and what the brand delivers is almost nil and hence the Rajni Brand rocks ....As a future marketer I do salute the Thalaiveer or the Brand Rajni ..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Greed is Good

"Greed for lack of a better word , is good " : A aphorism by Gordon Gekko (Wall Street movie ) which I believe will always echo through all the human civilizations to follow . The greed always generates negative perception in our mind but sit back for a while and ponder and we can know that greed in a limited amount has always been the driver of our lives .It is the desire for the survival of the fittest has made man the best and this desire is nothing but Greed . It is the greed for wealth , for success , for happiness .. greed is behind everything and if we don't greed for anything then we will reach the ultimate Brahma and the ultimate goal of taking birth in the world ends . 
                So as long as we are in this earth , we should greed in a  limited amount which will make the greed look achievable .The point is to curtail the excessive greed so that it doesn't becomes outrageous .As per as the human civilization is concerned no greed will define the ultimate end of our living .We have to balance between two extremes of no greed and excessive greed and then the Greed is good for all of us .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quite non-happening weeks

Really quite non-happening weeks have been passed . My parents and sister came and went back .It was nice and warm feeling .But after that the days have passed just like that without any fruitful result . Summers week started and went by .. a blockade started and went by .. and classes also suspended .

Today is Gandhi Jayanti and the man who said work is worship would definitely feel sad to see this fruitless weeks ... Anywaz waiting for Monday , so that classes can start .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shaktimaan @ the bottom of pyramid ..

For the first time I saw Orissa figuring in one of the marketing case study .Not for some naxalite issue or not for underdeveloped region but for a successful sales and distribution model implemented by HUL . I am talking about the project Shaktimaan by HUL .
                    In this project the rural distribution of HUL , for villages having  population less than 2000,  is being  done by self-empowered male head of the family .He gets a cycle  , a renumeration and a way to shape his future from the company  . This person goes around the village in cycle , takes the order from the retailer and makes sure the supplies are reached to him . Apart from being a salesman , he becomes the company spokesman at that level . This is a great initiation by HUL considering the fact that it does taps the market which is there at the bottom of the pyramid or the rural sector .Apart from being the CSR (corporate social responsibility ) initiative , it successfully  delivers HUL's vision at the rural customers . Through Shaktimaan the brand manager reaches each and every individual and makes them part of the company's value chain .
               Surely this Shaktimaan will definitely not keep the Andhera Kayam (No more darkness )...

For last 5-10 years I have been reading discussions regarding whether the spread of Internet is going to kill the habits of reading and writing a book or not. I am not starting this discussion once again but just trying to put another view to this . People said due to the internet people are able to read e-books , people can write their expression on the blog and friend can read and hence no need for keeping a diary or writing a book . 
                                But one fine morning I see this site , where you can print your blog into a book . Now then how does it happened ?From where does the need for printing a book from your blog comes into ? 
                               What I can say is that man is not a machine and human emotions cann't be compared with the ease of numerical calculation ... Though the blog will spread but the emotion in holding the book of your favorite author to read you diary in the darkest moment of your life is something that words can never express .Its purely human emotion at work . The self-actualization of reading your diary or gifting your favorite possession to your belove one through a book ... Internet can never take this from us ....

NEEV '10 : Chaos and effect

This is an interesting one .. This NEEV'10 guys have done really a good job .

First and foremost they are able to catch my attention to the fact that they are going to have their annual B-school event on 10th of December .Being an IMTian I get every week a dozen of inter b-school events and annual fest mails . Hardly do I spend a moment in understanding the fact , what they try to do .
                            But these NEEV guys were able to catch my attention by simply making me feel that ,  yes I can at least get a certificate for my blogging . Never ever I thought that   a pastime that I do , whenever I have nothing else to do can at least get my name registered for a B-school competition . So my blog is now registered and I hope to get a prize of Rs 3000/- . Hey , just joking guys .. A nice job by NEEV 10 to generate anticipation for their B-school event and a lots of good luck to them for that . Yeah I can do another thing for them ..
                         As they did give me a chance to showcase my writing , in return I decided to at least make them a blog topic in my blog . So we both can help each other . Here I go ...
 Guys please visit  and everyone has chance to win something .Here you see .. by collaborating with each other I and NEEV'10 both are in win-win situation .

With a hope that CHAOS created by me will surely be able to generate the Butterfly EFFECT ..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bye Bye 1st term..Welcome 2nd Term

So we got the timetable for 2nd term and which means 1st trisem on the verge of end.Next week we have final term exam of 1st term and then we will start 2nd term .So 3 months have passed @IMT just like that .. i do have no words at this time just this much ..

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Lab inaguration

2nd September 2010 .. and I Lab was inaugurated at IMT campus .. I was unfortunate to really miss Mr David Wittenberg the last time .. this time thanks to Madhur I could make it in time .What a man he is ..Whether it is pouring a glass of water on his head jump like a monkey to recite ob ..tion ..and whether to make many facial expressions  which made us laugh ..The way he carried through himself during the session was awesome ..and I would say the 20% desire has now gone up to 35% .. I have bought his book and had took his autograph on that ..will finish ot today ..will join the phase 1 of the Lab ..
                                       I am becoming an addict to IMT life ..lets see how far my addiction is taking me to ...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blaze Logs off...

The day when the whole Blaze blazed is unfortunately the day when it logs off .Blaze ,Whizkid, Moi Apparels,Rasclicious, AYS , Doer & Helpers ..all showed their ingeniousness  ...all of them fought till the last bell and eventually all won .. yeah you may question that the panelists  dismissed some of them .. But my reply is all of the above knew that how good or how bad they are .. how viable they are ..still they stick to them and fought like a hero .. So thanks to all of the above for making such wonderful presentations ..

Coming to the my world Blaze Inc .. I can just say that I had started falling on love with Blaze ... I have shouted on them .. I have got frustrated by them and they might be hating me like hell ..but a small part of me told hey ..Blaze is all of Ours .. But suddenly the presentations of all the team were over and I realized Blaze is logging Off .. But will this be permanent shut down or the Blaze will be able to rekindle some sort of fire inside me to make another avatar of Blaze Inc ... Only the time knows ...

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let me be frank ..though I have participated in a GD about Managers vs Leaders , I had never thought seriously about being one enterprenur ..I can say a 1% of my felt that I want to be like that . But then I met this Guy Dr John aka MMORPG aka team-member of Steve Jobs in Newton ..aka man for whom a product life cycle is just 4 years .. 
               He has made my 1% to reach 20% in one stroke only can a man live through such changes can a man forgive and forget a part close to his heart ... I sit back and imagine and this seems quite fascinating for me .. So I do take a pledge to make  this 20% becomes 100% one day ....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Following the herd ..

The easiest way to live the life is to follow the herd .Do whatever anyone is doing ..nod what other person is saying .. and think like what other mind is doing ..Ohh .. have I forgotten , God has given each one of us a thinking brain distinct from each other ..Then why do we follow the herd ...
                  Is it the fear of being alone it the fear of being criticized for something you are not aware ? Yes the solitary life is too much a horror ....Listening to caustic comments is life threatening and withstanding the cumulative force of  a herd is a task larger than life ...So what to do ... lets go and join the mass ...
                 But somewhere a soft voice in me says ... No ..Don't Follow them ..They all are in the matrix ...they all are virtually blind ...and they need someone to be their Neo ... they want someone to open their eyes ..they want someone to make them believe that man is the golden creature of the almighty and it cann't be the rusting iron ..
               Though this little voice says too much a sentence but what I can take from that is what RabindraNath Tagore said "Akela Chalo re" ...Walk Alone ...I believe if the power of truth and wisdom will be with me then I will find on the way many others who are walking alone for the benefit of all ...And then we all can walk together ..not follow the herd ..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life @ IMT (essay written in the BC class)

This is the essay I have written in the BC class . I thought to preserve this piece of paper and hence just copying everything from that .It has just one month experience and a life long expectation hidden in it .

                  Life at IMT for me is the life that I left 5 years back .This is the life that I longed for when I was at my office desk .Though the culture has changed for me from swiping my attendance card to answering the roll call , I have started enjoying .
                It is often said that you miss the dearest part of you , only when you are far from it .Somewhere I started missing myself during my career .But I believe I am the fortunate one to come back live once more with myself.
                 Though after the IMT , I will be back to corporate , but I will have this time a more wide vision , a more wide horizon to look into .This time I will be equipped with something extra to control myself.
                 When I will go back , I will not spend so much on my weekends on trips to mall as already I have started to cut-down my expenses , so as to have a lesser impact of my joblessness . So this time I can plan for the recession very well .
                In terms of campus life , in a short 1 month , IMT has been generous enough to give myself lots of energetic friends and professors . Though the food at IMT canteen can be of debatable standard , but I have seen much more bad food at office canteen even paying much more price .
               So in the end I can just say that life @ IMT is going to be a milestone in my career and I am sure after twenty years down the line , when I will look down these years , I will definitely feel proud and happy .

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am going through the site and do u know what ? Through these ads/clips I can see the change that has occurred  in our lives all of the indian lives .. seeing those ads just gives me the time through which we as a country have seen through . be it mille sur mera tumhara or purab se suraj ugga ..all those slogans have just come and changed us .. when we were fighting for our integrity , when we were fighting for literacy ..when we were fighting for our basic needs is the india in us has come out ..and we have passed all our hurdles in the past .. and on the eve of Independence day I sincerely believe we will continue to do so .. we may be only 63 years old by the media ..but we have been here since last 5000 years ..and will be there for at least a 5000 years more .

Jai Hind .. Buland bharat ki buland tasveer ....humara aaj ..humara kal .humara Indian DNA ...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The subject I am liking most ..

Which subject do I like most ? Is it ITDM ... I have come from IT background so I can talk global about it for hours ...  Is it Business Communication ? Is it Accounting as I was one of the key resource in accounting module before coming here ?Is it Marketing ? ... I love this as I am going to be associated for rest of my professional life ? .. Is it Managerial Economics ...because I love to think about that .. No I do like all of them above .. But I am starting to real love organisational behavior .. as it is about myself .. it is about how to be in control of my fate is about how to win my own battle ... alll will follow once I am in complete control of myself .. the OB analysis might say that I am not born to be manager ..but it also says there is exception and the dissonance can be reduced If I know to stroke myself .. So till now OB is the front seat ..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Side Effects of pursuing PGDM in marketing

So I am pursuing PGDM in marketing and the first meeting with marketing came in the marketing management -1 class . The god of the marketing book by Philip Kotler . The book is full of jargons , and examples only and to the best of it not a single question will come from the book in mid-term and end-term . But the book itself is quite enjoyable and only holding the same you feel the way it has been written to perfectly market itself . So you read once the book and then get an insight of the same .
Yeah , I forgot about the side effects of PGDM . After 6 weeks of marketing classes and listening to all the cases of different companies , one thing has changed . I have been looking at different ads in a view slight different way . I am trying to find out the relationship between the add and the company and the value proposition it's trying to make . I am reading economic times and the brand equity page has become somewhat favorite . Took part in the mark-roadies and did one thing : though we couldn't go to the second round , was able to put my team's picture on the markup site . So you see perfect marketing .....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

So 45 days gone ..

So 45 days have gone .. I mean 1 mid term is over and hardly another 6 week will wrap up the 1st trimester ...then 5 more will remain ... what has been the learning for me ? Is it the regression analysis or the time series prediction ?

yeah if 45 days is going to be the sample of the 6 trimester population then .. i can say the t-test result will definitely predict correctly . Do I sound MBAlike ? Yeah .. then in layman's term what I can say is that I am enjoying this and definitely I can say that the decision seems right . To progress in life you need to learn something and unlearn something and I believe that till this time this process is right on track . When you start working and continue working for almost 5 years , you develop some black-spots on your soul and this learning is going to unlearn those black spots . So a good beginning and with lots of hope , lets get into play ..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Marking Stone..

For next two years there will be no more tension of fixing , delivering the codes .No more tension of appraisal process .No more tension of keeping a poker faced personality for ten hours .No more elation on the 30th of every month . Deep inside I feel delighted as I had struggled hard for these days to come . Though I still wish these days should have come 365 days earlier ..but still is quite content with what I have got .. I still know the future is a mystery .. the road to the destination is still frightening ... and the fighting for survival will be more intense . But I am ready to take it to the next level ..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Back .. Sewing Machine..

During my school days one of the famous house-hold instrument was the sewing machine .. it was a bit crazy at that time .. All households dreamt of keeping one ... and so does my mother also and kitty party of ladies included topic of how to sew through sewing machine ... In fact what I believe is that sewing machine was the sign of power of house-wives .. as most of the women were house-wives they tried to spend their spare time watching Tulsi on good world doordarshan and sewing on the Usha lexus machine ..
then I grew up and in between the importance of sewing machine faded away .. as ready made garments from foreign manufactures flooded and the importance of female higher education ensured women in office ... the sewing machine became a thing of past .. at least I missed their add on the television for the last decade ..
But a month ago I found them back on the prime time television add show .. and this time they are quite fashionable .. and it shows a happy family and the young mother designing with the sewing machine .. and this add itself tells a complete different story ..a changed confident educated caring woman of India .. with the sexy looking sewing machine I believe Indian Woman has come of her age (at least for some .)and hope this will continue ..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We need several Mumbais

On national televisions I am getting one single big news on the eve of release of MNIK .. SRK vs shiv Sena .. Media is doing perfectly right by supporting the case of unified India .. Mumbai is for all ...Kolkata is for all ..But why do people fall for the Thackrey's ..I think they do have a point .. and the long term goal of everyone should be to eliminate the root cause of this point .. then only Thackrey's will remain silent for ever ..

It is always said sports and arts should be always remain separated from politics but they become part of the politics to gather attention .. If someone is saying that reservation should be for all marathis .. then they must have some reasons .. It's because all prime time news channel serve the 10-8 working class executives need ... no one seem to bother for the deprived one .. and the interesting matter is that deprived ones are the people who vote .. If a picture is projected before the deprived class that they loose because of all other people getting their piece of pie ..then they will buy it ..unless we actually do something to give them their due .

Does this mean giving reservation to all who belong to their state(the deprived ones ) .. No .. the answer is to create opportunity for all in all parts of the country ... start the process of create another Mumbai ... may be 4-5 more Mumbai s .. create growth at all parts of the country ... so that the difference between haves and have-nots is lessened . then only the divisive politics will fail ..
If we think by providing the security to a film we can show then that we all pray for unity in diversity .. then believe me it's just show business .. India is a big country and we do have space for multiple financial capitals .. why will all the corporate heads sit at Mumbai .. make them create one at Bihar .. may be Jharkhand may be at Orissa .. (making them create means creating all basic infrastructure) ..

No one likes to leave from his home town and go to a far place for his living's only the opportunity to grow makes us to leave ..and if a Mumbai is there at the side of Lord Jagannath .. then I will settle there for ever ..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

His... story Of a decade

The history or the his story or the story of mine of the last decade .. I am writing this on new year eve .. the last decade which made me .. and if I jolt down the events then it starts with the kargil war starts with the super cyclone of Orissa , then rather uneventful stint at FM college then proceeds towards a great institution called UCE . it proceeds towards the young Infy guy and then now continuing as a wondering soul at TCS Kolkata .. and of course in between multiple infatuations and unsuccessful love ... If I note down the places then it goes like Balasore,jagatSinghpur,Puri ,Burla,Ray dhaba(Burla and ray dhaba should be different ..) ,Bhubaneshwar,Rourkela,brajrajnagar, Chennai,Mysore,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Mumbai, Baroda,Kolkata and numerous trains stations in between ... each place , each date ,each stint combines multiple stories , multiple experiences ...and multiple failures and of course successes .. i will not dare to note down the persons as it is going to be enormous ..
History was one of my favourite subject during school days but I couldn't find a answer at that time to a simple question why we need to know hisory .. the past .. but I think I have found out answers .. history is what I am .. and why I note down only the last decade's because this is the one I am going to carry over the most ..this has taught me most .. this has made me a man from a child ... and it's not over .. I am dreaming more and aspiring more and the last decade has shown me I can do it .. I have lots of lacunae but I am confident I can
One of the essence of Midnight's Children was how the fate of a nation was tied with the fate of a child and vice -a versa.. and the best of part of this decade was that India grew from strength-to -strength .. .. We came to know ourselves better , we believed more .. we aspired more and every time we shined as the Phoenix ..We had our failures but we overcame them .. and it's not over .. we are dreaming more and aspiring more and the last decade has shown us we can do it ..we have lots of thins to do .. to improve upon and act upon .. to provide social justice , education and comfort to all ...
If we think of the world as a whole .. then there are lots of events .. 9/11 ,financial meltdown , rise of capitalism .. believe in democracy and human values .
It may be a hyper-bole for someone but I dare to say I am one of the Midnight's Children of the last decade .. and not only me but we all as an individual and as a group ...