Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Half way of MBA over ..

So the curtain will fall on the third term on Thursday and half way of becoming a MBA is going to be over . And myself and Navin were discussing what is our take away from these 3 months .... we couldn't decide at that time and then I have been thinking about that for last half an hour .. So is it the ability to speak global or is it the ability to deliver ppt at an instant or is it the diamond model , the P's of marketing or something else .. so many case studies and so many tools of analysis .. 
One thing which has changed... I have started to appreciate the cycle ... that which comes down has to come up and so the fear of losing the status quo and by that process missing out on the thrills of swing will not be there .. and yes one thing I have learned ... it is not about suffering ..it is about sharing the burden ...