Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Feedback

We had a panel discussion today and two persons from the industries came to interact us . In the panel discussion as per maam's instruction  our CR and me were also part of the panel to ask questions to the guests .Believe me I had not prepared a single sentence to ask to them ,but somehow I managed to ask couple of questions . After the session was over one of my friend came to me and said "Kya Mohanty , wohi rata hua questions ?(U r asking questions after memorizing them )".
                            First I thought to clarify him that I have not prepared a single word and all are impromptu .But that time a thought stroke me and I said to myself , "If the way I spoke could look others as I have practiced , rehearsed before coming  then Hold on .. I have done the perfect justice to job . What can be better than your impromptu speech looking well-rehearsed ...." Thank you god for giving me such an wonderful feedback and keeping my mind cleared enough to decipher this wonderful gift from the box ... Sometimes wonderful surprises come from the places where you least expect them and I have got one ....I will keep on improving ..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The story from Tibbet

I was on my way back to IMT Ghaziabad and my train was destined to be late by 12 hours . But the best thing to happen for me in the journey was my meeting with this person from R.Udaygiri . In the year 1959 , at the age of 20 , this man with is mother ran away from his motherland Tibet . He came and settled himself in Orissa .
      One fine day he got the message that his father and brother have been killed by the Chinese . He got over the trauma and joined Indian Army . He fought the war against Pakistan in the year 1972 and led his team towards Chittagong .And his eventful story doesn't stop here .
In the year 1995 he was travelling in the Delhi bound Purussottam Express which rammed into stationery Kalindi Express and was severely injured . That day he was travelling to Benaras to have a get together with his family members who have come from all over the world and then stay for someday at Sarnath .My salute to this man for showing such indomitable spirit all through his life .