Saturday, January 2, 2010

His... story Of a decade

The history or the his story or the story of mine of the last decade .. I am writing this on new year eve .. the last decade which made me .. and if I jolt down the events then it starts with the kargil war starts with the super cyclone of Orissa , then rather uneventful stint at FM college then proceeds towards a great institution called UCE . it proceeds towards the young Infy guy and then now continuing as a wondering soul at TCS Kolkata .. and of course in between multiple infatuations and unsuccessful love ... If I note down the places then it goes like Balasore,jagatSinghpur,Puri ,Burla,Ray dhaba(Burla and ray dhaba should be different ..) ,Bhubaneshwar,Rourkela,brajrajnagar, Chennai,Mysore,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Mumbai, Baroda,Kolkata and numerous trains stations in between ... each place , each date ,each stint combines multiple stories , multiple experiences ...and multiple failures and of course successes .. i will not dare to note down the persons as it is going to be enormous ..
History was one of my favourite subject during school days but I couldn't find a answer at that time to a simple question why we need to know hisory .. the past .. but I think I have found out answers .. history is what I am .. and why I note down only the last decade's because this is the one I am going to carry over the most ..this has taught me most .. this has made me a man from a child ... and it's not over .. I am dreaming more and aspiring more and the last decade has shown me I can do it .. I have lots of lacunae but I am confident I can
One of the essence of Midnight's Children was how the fate of a nation was tied with the fate of a child and vice -a versa.. and the best of part of this decade was that India grew from strength-to -strength .. .. We came to know ourselves better , we believed more .. we aspired more and every time we shined as the Phoenix ..We had our failures but we overcame them .. and it's not over .. we are dreaming more and aspiring more and the last decade has shown us we can do it ..we have lots of thins to do .. to improve upon and act upon .. to provide social justice , education and comfort to all ...
If we think of the world as a whole .. then there are lots of events .. 9/11 ,financial meltdown , rise of capitalism .. believe in democracy and human values .
It may be a hyper-bole for someone but I dare to say I am one of the Midnight's Children of the last decade .. and not only me but we all as an individual and as a group ...