Sunday, November 11, 2012

Been There ..

So I visited Hyderabad after 5 years . I was at Hyderabad in 2007 and some of the best moments of my life remains there at Hyderabad . This time I was on a 2 day trip to Hyderabad and I felt a lot nostalgic about the past . Last time when I was at Hyderabad , I had started enjoying my salary to the fullest , had no idea what CAT was and at least no intention of my status and was more of a obnoxious weed . This time I have started earning my salary again , eared my PGDM and definitely knows about the status .
The feeling of been there , done that was there but I was quite taken aback by the way the city was transformed . The New Airport , The Gachibowli-Airport link , the Penthouse of Mihir and the IT crowd outside the Cyber Tower was amazing . It took a time to remeber those familiar lanes and houses on which I used to roam . A lot has changed and changed at a time when we had been through a depression for last 4 years . The doomsayers of growth can say anything about the inclusive growth but I visualized how the India has morphed in last 4 years . No other industry could have generated employments at this mass scale for the ever growing demographics of India .
It is not only the direct effect but the indirect effect that IT has created is magnificent to say the least . A girl from Patna works at a MNC food outlet in Hyderabad and all the mall revolution of last 5-6 years is also due to IT crowds .
So A lot of citys have changed during the last 5-6 years and I feel that we will continue to grow at this pace .What is needed is the push , the push to put us in an escape velocity .Once the IT and manufacturing comes together and starts utilizing the capacity that has been created , we can reach amazing heights and then I will write after travelling to citys that I have BEEN THERE .