Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shaktimaan @ the bottom of pyramid ..

For the first time I saw Orissa figuring in one of the marketing case study .Not for some naxalite issue or not for underdeveloped region but for a successful sales and distribution model implemented by HUL . I am talking about the project Shaktimaan by HUL .
                    In this project the rural distribution of HUL , for villages having  population less than 2000,  is being  done by self-empowered male head of the family .He gets a cycle  , a renumeration and a way to shape his future from the company  . This person goes around the village in cycle , takes the order from the retailer and makes sure the supplies are reached to him . Apart from being a salesman , he becomes the company spokesman at that level . This is a great initiation by HUL considering the fact that it does taps the market which is there at the bottom of the pyramid or the rural sector .Apart from being the CSR (corporate social responsibility ) initiative , it successfully  delivers HUL's vision at the rural customers . Through Shaktimaan the brand manager reaches each and every individual and makes them part of the company's value chain .
               Surely this Shaktimaan will definitely not keep the Andhera Kayam (No more darkness )...

For last 5-10 years I have been reading discussions regarding whether the spread of Internet is going to kill the habits of reading and writing a book or not. I am not starting this discussion once again but just trying to put another view to this . People said due to the internet people are able to read e-books , people can write their expression on the blog and friend can read and hence no need for keeping a diary or writing a book . 
                                But one fine morning I see this site , where you can print your blog into a book . Now then how does it happened ?From where does the need for printing a book from your blog comes into ? 
                               What I can say is that man is not a machine and human emotions cann't be compared with the ease of numerical calculation ... Though the blog will spread but the emotion in holding the book of your favorite author to read you diary in the darkest moment of your life is something that words can never express .Its purely human emotion at work . The self-actualization of reading your diary or gifting your favorite possession to your belove one through a book ... Internet can never take this from us ....

NEEV '10 : Chaos and effect

This is an interesting one .. This NEEV'10 guys have done really a good job .

First and foremost they are able to catch my attention to the fact that they are going to have their annual B-school event on 10th of December .Being an IMTian I get every week a dozen of inter b-school events and annual fest mails . Hardly do I spend a moment in understanding the fact , what they try to do .
                            But these NEEV guys were able to catch my attention by simply making me feel that ,  yes I can at least get a certificate for my blogging . Never ever I thought that   a pastime that I do , whenever I have nothing else to do can at least get my name registered for a B-school competition . So my blog is now registered and I hope to get a prize of Rs 3000/- . Hey , just joking guys .. A nice job by NEEV 10 to generate anticipation for their B-school event and a lots of good luck to them for that . Yeah I can do another thing for them ..
                         As they did give me a chance to showcase my writing , in return I decided to at least make them a blog topic in my blog . So we both can help each other . Here I go ...
 Guys please visit  and everyone has chance to win something .Here you see .. by collaborating with each other I and NEEV'10 both are in win-win situation .

With a hope that CHAOS created by me will surely be able to generate the Butterfly EFFECT ..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bye Bye 1st term..Welcome 2nd Term

So we got the timetable for 2nd term and which means 1st trisem on the verge of end.Next week we have final term exam of 1st term and then we will start 2nd term .So 3 months have passed @IMT just like that .. i do have no words at this time just this much ..

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Lab inaguration

2nd September 2010 .. and I Lab was inaugurated at IMT campus .. I was unfortunate to really miss Mr David Wittenberg the last time .. this time thanks to Madhur I could make it in time .What a man he is ..Whether it is pouring a glass of water on his head jump like a monkey to recite ob ..tion ..and whether to make many facial expressions  which made us laugh ..The way he carried through himself during the session was awesome ..and I would say the 20% desire has now gone up to 35% .. I have bought his book and had took his autograph on that ..will finish ot today ..will join the phase 1 of the Lab ..
                                       I am becoming an addict to IMT life ..lets see how far my addiction is taking me to ...