Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salamm Rahman ..

I couldn't but came up with another ode to Master Rahman .. I congratulate him for the oscar and the glory he has brought . but I am really ecstatic about the line he delivered "All through my life I had the choice of love and hate and I choosed love ..."
Thank you Rahman ... You have delivered the perfect punch to all .. I sincerely hope this universal line reaches to all the persons and makes this world a little good place ...
If I remeber Spideman-2 also echoed the same note . we have choices to make .. and I pray god to give all my fellow men and me the will power to chosse love over hate ..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delhi -6 and SlumDog

Couple of week , when someone asked A.R.Rehman about the ongoing controversy about Slumdog Millionaire , he replied if someone complains about the picture that this film shows about India , then that person should go and make a movie on actual glorious Incredible India and tell them See this is what real India is ..
I dont want to start once again the futile debate about Slumdog but I just started with because Delhi-6 just showed me what Slumdog lacked ... I really admired Slumdog and I thoroughly enjoyed and now I am eagerly waiting for it to win Oscar ...I don't buy the idea that through Slumdog someone painted India as proverty-sticken country .. Slumdog is an excellent work of art and I enjoyed .. But what SlumDog missed is the gaining point of Delhi.. Or it may be "Tale of Two Different Cities "... But if I take both Delhi and Mumbai and India as one entity then ... Delhi -6 showed why Indianness works ..why diversity is our unity .. why the hole in a wall is used by the women of two houses to share ... why the cow giving birth to calf stops traffic .. and why the civilzation has lasted for 5000 years and will continue to grow ...
The combination of Slumdog and Delhi -6 is what we see around ..If a boy in slumdog can become crorepati then an NRI can come here and can visualize the journey within himself ..
Despite all odds a Slumdog becomes millionaire and despite all odds kala bandar brings back communal harmony ..

Lets Celebrate two great pieces of work and story -telling and that's what I have done ..
Jai Ho .. Kala Bandar .....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Choices and destiny are they opposite or complemet.

Is a man bound by his destiny ? we get to read life of many people who have changed their destiny by their preservance and also their hard work .. 

Now we also hear if you don't make choice choice makes you .. Now if we think destiny is something determined by that Almighty which we have to challenge then we say I made the choice to defy my destiny and make my Destiny of myslef .. Now this Big D destiny is also a choice and and that small d destiny is alos choice .. 
So Choice and destiny goes along with each other ... So what if I dont do anything and let the almighty do it for myslef .. And what if I tried my heart-out to change what the almight has planned to do for me .. 

I am totally confused .. Can we make a choice to choose our destiny or destiny determines what choice we are going to take ..
See . If you have been reading till this end .. you must have been crazy enough ..