Sunday, November 11, 2012

Been There ..

So I visited Hyderabad after 5 years . I was at Hyderabad in 2007 and some of the best moments of my life remains there at Hyderabad . This time I was on a 2 day trip to Hyderabad and I felt a lot nostalgic about the past . Last time when I was at Hyderabad , I had started enjoying my salary to the fullest , had no idea what CAT was and at least no intention of my status and was more of a obnoxious weed . This time I have started earning my salary again , eared my PGDM and definitely knows about the status .
The feeling of been there , done that was there but I was quite taken aback by the way the city was transformed . The New Airport , The Gachibowli-Airport link , the Penthouse of Mihir and the IT crowd outside the Cyber Tower was amazing . It took a time to remeber those familiar lanes and houses on which I used to roam . A lot has changed and changed at a time when we had been through a depression for last 4 years . The doomsayers of growth can say anything about the inclusive growth but I visualized how the India has morphed in last 4 years . No other industry could have generated employments at this mass scale for the ever growing demographics of India .
It is not only the direct effect but the indirect effect that IT has created is magnificent to say the least . A girl from Patna works at a MNC food outlet in Hyderabad and all the mall revolution of last 5-6 years is also due to IT crowds .
So A lot of citys have changed during the last 5-6 years and I feel that we will continue to grow at this pace .What is needed is the push , the push to put us in an escape velocity .Once the IT and manufacturing comes together and starts utilizing the capacity that has been created , we can reach amazing heights and then I will write after travelling to citys that I have BEEN THERE .

Friday, August 17, 2012

Death of Social Media ?

It was not a long before , when I participated in a group disscusion for my final placement at IMT on the topic "Should social media needs to be controlled" .As usual we threw all management jargons to drive home the point and to get the job .But something simillar has happened .

Yes Facebook IPO has come and gone and the share is in doldrums . But I am really disturbed by the events happening in Assam and then subsequent events . One of the benefit was thought that what-ever you post , someone likes or someone comments and you suddenly get conscious about your posts . This was proposed as the benefit by which people get controlled by their group .
But what was not thought was how the false picture and rumour by some people can tarnish the image and create a total chaos across the country .

I have always been a supporter of market principle and believe that law of demand supply will regulate the animal spirit , which in case of social media is the group 's like and dislike controls one's activity . But somehow now I can feel that this market of social media also needs one governing authority which can oversee the good and evil .

All over the human civilization we have fought for the freedom , but repeteadly with the freedom we have somehow perfomed very badly in delivering the responsibilities that get associated with it .This has led to the repeatedly pushing humans into slaves . The sad one in me says that perhaps we were never brought to become free and the seemingly death of the social media rises another alaram for slavery .

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dawn before the broad sunshine

My first 3 months at Pune are over . Life has been running at an extremely fast pace . Events , persons , occassions .. its all happening .. or it seems that just something is going to happen .. I have been waiting in this launchpad and waiting for the countdown to begin .. I do hope that the countdown finishes and life catapults me  into the space at the escape velocity . The time has to come and its better I be ready for all the contingencies .
One has to feel the choices that he has taken and I feel I have some of the choices of my own and it is time to run , jump and feel ..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Solving the equation of Life

While doing MBA , I had taken a course called Advance Decision Analysis . The course was about solving equations with all constraints satisfied . Now We could solve all those things in excel solver or premium solver . Now after I leaned that tool , I asked myself whether there can be ever a tool to solve the equations of life . Yes  there can be if we know all the constraints of life before hand and they remain constant all through the time  of solving the equations . The beauty of life is the way all these constraints change and morph and the way we always feel the need to catch up with them . No tool can give you the optimum result if the boundary conditions change always . Sometimes when we feel that we are just about solving the equation , the constraints just move at such a place that you feel lost and sometimes you are in the darkest zone of your life , the constraints just vanishes and you say "I was Close" . Then who makes  all these and who decides which equations can be solved and which can never be ? 
Now what I can say is that Life is not about black and white , it's all about the complex shades of grey which makes it more enjoyable 

The Link

So one day in my new workplace while I was trying to learn the tube marketing business I found a set of  documents . The documents consisted of a Bill of lading , one insurance document . When I viewed the insurance document , I observed that the insurance was issued by New India Assurance and the it was Marine cargo insurance . 
So the link is I worked in the same project of TCS which one ensured the implementation of core insurance module in NIA and from the design of the insurance document , I could very well tell that nothing has changed from the time when I left the project . And the term Bill of Lading .Can you guess where did I first learn the term ? It was while working in the Trade Finance module of Finacle at Infosys . 
So I smiled to myself and told me that I got the answer ... It all merges if you connect the dots .. THE Link  .. from Infy to TCS to ISMT .. as if everything has been planned and what I need to do is to keep trying and keep exploring the terrain to amuse myself and hence enjoy the journey . 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally A Post ..

So getting something to post and that to after a long long time . If I don't consider my previous post on Rahul Dravid then it's almost 7 months . The reason was I didn't find anything to write on that time . As the placement season started I decided not to sit for the easier options on the campus and to wait for the profile . Then as time progressed and the situation in job market and campus deteriorated , I some how lost my confidence and one or two job started to desert me . 
Then finally something clicked and I landed on this job . This was as far as close to the profile I felt for and thanks to all good people around me I got it . Yeah on the scale of hefty pay packages this one will definitely fail but I am hopeful that in the long run those things get sorted out automatically :) . How do I feel at the new workplace ? Hmmm .. I will say it is still a bit early to comment but so far it has been excellent . A great learning experience .  
So Now I am once again at a new city in India . Mysore , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Mumbai, Baroda , Kolkata , Chennai , Delhi and now at Pune . Every city with which I was associated had  created a story with me and I  feel a story is definitely due for this . 
And yes , this time I am going to make it . For a change I am making a promise to myself that I will visit all the tourist places at Pune . Because you know I am quite bad at it . I stayed in Delhi for 2 years and have never visited the Taj and Haridwar . So this time I will improve upon this one . 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rahul Dravid

A lot of things happening around me . MBA getting over , farewell is over and the job search is on ..but one thing that has made me nostalgic is the news of "The Wall" will retire . Along with Sachin , Rahul was my reason for watching cricket . I remember those days when I wake up from bed and switch on my tv to find India batting at 28/2 and on crease two men still playing . 
You sit back and watch the beauty , when 6 balls in a over and each ball will be sent to each one of the in-circles fielders sequentially . The joke is "arey tu bhi le ek ball , fielding kar le " then one super shot and its boundary . 
The straight-bat became a lexicon in my life ..when ever the things are not doing right , dig it out and wait , wait and wait to show the straight bat . 
I still do that . play a straight bat defensive shot like Dravid to wind me up . Dravid on the field and off has been a perfect gentleman and a role-model for me . 
And as they say all good things come to an end  .Some part of me childhood .. died today ..I will  miss you Rahul Dravid .