Sunday, June 3, 2012

Solving the equation of Life

While doing MBA , I had taken a course called Advance Decision Analysis . The course was about solving equations with all constraints satisfied . Now We could solve all those things in excel solver or premium solver . Now after I leaned that tool , I asked myself whether there can be ever a tool to solve the equations of life . Yes  there can be if we know all the constraints of life before hand and they remain constant all through the time  of solving the equations . The beauty of life is the way all these constraints change and morph and the way we always feel the need to catch up with them . No tool can give you the optimum result if the boundary conditions change always . Sometimes when we feel that we are just about solving the equation , the constraints just move at such a place that you feel lost and sometimes you are in the darkest zone of your life , the constraints just vanishes and you say "I was Close" . Then who makes  all these and who decides which equations can be solved and which can never be ? 
Now what I can say is that Life is not about black and white , it's all about the complex shades of grey which makes it more enjoyable 

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