Saturday, April 30, 2011


So let me be frank . I was not seriously thinking about my summer internship and felt that any organisation will do .So when I got through AdoRoi , it was first a kind of relief that I don't have to appear for the process of sitting for interview in another company .. and then when I thought about working for a startup I found this can really be good for me as it can provide me a all total different experience of working .. I have worked in large organisations with 1.5 lakh employees and this was the opportunity to work in a company with less than 30 employee .. So all set . and I arrived at the office and till today 3 week have passed . So learnings no .1 you dont need money , you dont need infra , you dont need polished corporate office for a company .. what you need is a big idea and the belief in yourself to achieve the Idea .
Also the need is to make your employees believe your idea and to distribute the responsibility of implementing the idea even as no single person can run this alone . One needs to have the ability to pick up right person for the job ..
As it happens every new  idea faces its utmost challenge as the implementation starts and this is where the differentiation starts .. what is needed is two contrasting factors .. one the belief in your idea .. and two listen to the all stakeholders associated and then mould your idea according to their need . and this startup is in such a position where it needs the integration of both these two factors ..  After 5 weeks down the line , my academic requirement of working in a company will be fulfilled and I will leave but the learnings of  will definitely be there .

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mumbai Again...

So ..It's Mumbai again after 3 years .. and till now very few  experiences has been repeated . Last time I was staying at posh location Powai , travelling through Western line and was a full time employee .Last time when I arrived , I felt people around me were moving at 10x speed while I was moving at x . This time I am staying at Ghansoli , which according to Mumbai standard will confirm to a village .. travelling in the harbour and central line and basically I am now a student manager and for internship .
Last time I was at one of the flat in Powai where AC , TV and washing machine was there . this time I am at a Paying guest where I have to share my room with 9 guys and going through all the absence of TV , AC etc .
No.. I am not saying that the condition is somewhat difficult  .. but just stressing the fact that life always has something interesting to throw at you and ask you the question "buddy , what about this " ..
My last experience of Mumbai came in handy this time in helping me travel in the local trains , in finding out routes and also in visiting places .. Yeah traveled to Gateway of India this time also and also went in the boat to see Elephanta caves ..
So this time travelling with monthly pass in the first class compartment and carrying all my stuffs in the back-pack . Quite comforting for the rushes of the local train ... and yeah  Rampadhi is here ... true to his name Badbhai helped me in finding the pg .. and on Sundays feeding me to the fullest .. Thanks a lot Rampadhi and bhauja ...
and the experience of working in the Start-up ... well will write in the next ..