Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The good old days of doordarshan..

One thing that has changed from my school days to till date is the way I am getting to know about new Friday releases ... There were days when Rangoli and Chitrahar was the information hub ... I knew all new movies from these two shows .. But know every Friday to Sunday I can see heroes and heroines come to a talk show and tell us a bare-all story .. for every film almost comes a new controversy .. for every film the hero/heroine is interviewed for all their life and not to mention about foul-mouthed critics ..
Now my question is does this kind of promotion is helping ?No .. not at all .. The success rate of movie is as usual the same .. even if a movie is made of a budget of 100 crore .. it bites the dust as usual and bollywood hardly gives us more than a couple of great movies each year ..
Another change is the breaking news .. At my school time there were no breaking news and news comes at 8pm or morning 7 am .. Still the world seemed to be devoid of news and now suddenly each second generates a new controversy ..
A person is raised to fame for a minute and then perishes in a minute like the fast food ..
which tells us that there may be shortcut for breaking news but no shortcut for a good news .. we can do any awkward think and can be in cover-page of one day like rakhi sawant but to be in the memory for 20 long years we have to take the age-old virtues of dedication and follow Work is worship rule ..
How many of we know Asutosh of Roadies .. he became famous from no where for nothing (I tell all he has done is nothing) and then soon he was found to be in jail .... So the hard work still pays ..
if someone wants to shoot to fame overnight then I am sorry guys ..

the earth's gravitation force will surely pull you down . but yes we can go to moon because there it's 1/6 th ..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Curse of a Superhero..

I have watched many Hollywood superhero movies and every time the superhero is in doldrum ... he doesn't now is he doing good by trying to save the human race as this human race is the embodiment of all evil .. still superhero fights and fights .... but for how long ... For last twenty years 17000 run and the story still same ..
Please answer my one simple question .. If the superhero saves 99 people and fails in saving 1 people .. then is he to blame or be worshiped .. I know the mission was to save 100 but isn't the superhero a human-being .. Is he infallible ?? Skeptics say no as he can't be hence he is Superhero ..
Who said Cricket a team game .. 175 run .. 50% of the run and still the team can't chase 18 out of 17 balls ..

Still the superhero says
"I care about playing for India, it's a passion and I have been absoloutely honoured to play for India so long."
There is a lesson for me ... The path may be tedious but we have to walk the path ..

I am really privileged to be in the time of this SuperHero ..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Why we fume ....

I have been fighting a battle .. and the battle is to control my anger .. why do we get angry ? I don't know .. but a clean dissection of my anger tells something about mine ..I have observed the moment I get angry I am the most helpless person in the world .. The moment I loose my temper means I have lost all control of my mind .. that means getting angry is the last weapon of my self-defense and always a bad one .. which not only pollutes me but also pollutes the human relationships upon which my life flows ..
One day after I let out my anger , I sat down and analyzed thoroughly my day and how the anger has come to control me .. I found a peculiar nature .. On that day I have completely lost about myself .. Myself means the smile , the breadth (deep ones).. I have made the choice to bow down myself before everything and when this one gets too longer .. something bursts out ..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time running out ..

I have been searching for a topic to write in my blog for months .. still haven't found anything .. but suddenly i realized is there any time left ?? The earth is 4 billion years old and we are one of the youngest species of the earth .. From the inception of the earth 99.999 percentage of species have become extinct .. and we are among the rest ..
But the catch is we are the ones who are hastening our own inevitable .. we are destroying the same ecosystem which has generated us .. If the earth was once the playground of indomitable Trexs , then it can be in the future also the land of mummies for homo-sapiens .. Some may say that with the advance of technology we can avoid this catastrophe waiting to happen .. and I am not denying the fact .. but the life will never become the same .. all that has cometh dust will go to dust and we may be found in zoo only .. Lots of doomsday talk .. and in same line with all the rhetorics .. but just think cant we do a better thing by not commuting on the katta-tel driven autos or by switching off the monitor on weekends .. are these enoughs ... The answer is NO .. but if you look at the problem there are two sides .. one is ..Ohhh my god .. this problem can never be solved . it's a big burden and other one .. we are the generation which can make a Change for all of us .. Now it's a choice to make ..Remember history says .. all kings in the world have bitten the dust .. and time will never make a exception for us ..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

India’s pride : Hockey And Agriculture !!!

Hockey is our national game and India is an agricultural country . Are we listening properly ?? Yes Cricket is not our national game and boom in the stock market is not the clear indication of our economic prosperity.
Am I wrong? Then how many time we have observed a full hockey game for whole the length and how many parents tell their children to become a farmer ?? What an odd question, isn’t it ? If we don’t want our national prides to be persuaded by our future generation then why teach them wrong fundamentals in their school days ? Who do we want to cultivate lands ? The person who has been suppressed for years and has been programmed by us to remain as farmer for the rest of hundred years to become a farmer …We don’t want the farming to become a popular job.. Hence we give them free power supply during DAYTIME and keep them in dark whole night so that their children can never get that amount of leanings to be able to sit with us in our AC buildings .. And we also want them to keep poor so that we can get elected when the next term comes by playing with their bad fortunes and poverty.. India is growing by an excellent 7% and agriculture has to play an important role if this has to sustain and the green shoots in the stock markets or the final dividend or P/E ratio can never achieve this.. Can not be there any program in our sophisticated business organisations which can teach us how to become a good farmer …. When everything in this capitalistic world depends upon the highly advertised marketing fundas to succeed, can agriculture get away from it …
Everybody here talks about the IPL .. Do everyone remembers that a similar hockey champion is there also . Sachin’s tennis elbow is hot topic but the name of the player who nearly missed his eye sight !!! does anyone bother !!!
If we are in a habit of neglecting our pride to let them deteriorate by the wheels of fortune ..then lets not declare anything our pride .. Taj Mahal is our pride ..but we continue to fight whether a temple existed there or not !!!Tiger is our national animal and there exists only a few … It is said that we know how deeply we love a person when we get a little far from it .. then will we wait for that time when our national prides will cease to exist and then we can understand their importance .. but we must understand not everything is irreversible ..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a Killer ...

My 8  year old son has this bad habit .. He plays with those childrens of slumdwellers near our apartment and tells me all those below par thinkings and behaves like them .. I am sending him to the most famous school but he seems to pick up them and their idiosyncrasies . They dont know how to cook . they dont have proper sanitation .. they drink the municipality water and i fear my son may bring some unknown desease to my home .. I fear they might steal the gold chain he is worrying . I hate them ..
Why so much hate around in this world .. who fills this hatred .. Does being the supreme power brings this menace .. I never see a donkey hating a donkey . a cow hating a cow .. but I can see a man hating a  man .. With great power comes the great responsibility .. the responsibility to raise above others and being the messiah of all .. To nurture the nature around us ..But I do the exact opposite .. Who has told Tamilians to fight for their rights in Srilanka .. Who has told Talibs to fight in Pakistan .. Who has told Israels to attack Hamas .. we make our rule and break them .. 

All Indians are my brothers and sisters and also the world-dewellers but why I dont think twice before the bloodshed .. And was Buddha the fool who took the path of nirvana ... 

I think when I will get the answer I can also get that nirvana .. till then Lets Kill and be Get Killed .. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pursuit Of Happiness

One evening I was  surfing channel , when I saw one discussion going on about the index of happiness . In that it was found that Denmark has the happiest people in the world . And one of the guest told his experience about Cuban people who also ranks high on this index .As the cuban economy is below par , they are not a consumerate society .They dont have the money to buy anything so they instead put their mind in keeping relations .. 
Intersting thought really .. If I have the money then I will do either of two things .. one how to utilize this money for present and make plan for the current inflow to continue in future and second to raise my head and compare with rest others who are earning more than me and making plan to cross them .. If I have TV I will buy cd player and if I have 2-bhk flat will buy 3-bhk in metro .. 
On these thoughts I forget my freinds , my neighbours , my society ...Still I continue the unsatiable thirst of fulfilling my desire ,oblivion to the fact that desire can never be fulfilled and fulfillment of one gives rise to another .. In my sublime we think the happiness and desire are same .. but no not same ..All these above lines have been told by many spiritual leaders and I know them very well ..still everyday I forget and remain in the pursuit ... 
     But then what I will do .. will I leave my home , my job  , my family and become oblivion to all my responsibility and wander in the forest .. 
No one can answer this .. But what answer now I find is that to search for the fulfillment of desire on the name of Pursuit of happiness is the purpose for which I am made of .. I can not separate from it.. This is my Karma .. to be attached to the mundane world and continue to compare and loose rather estarnged and win ..
Neither being compeltely abhorrent nor being completely a gourmet ... I am in the world because some one has done that and I will do because some one will come .. 
it's like walking the path to know the path .. noone can tell you what lies ahead or beneath or above or under .. 
I am writing with completely insane mind .. i started with Cuba and now I have reached Karma .. well knowing this also I am not deleting all those because this is the way it was meant to be .. U can never become happy unless U know what is meant to be sad .. and if I will completely understand what the Pursuit of Happiness is then what is the logic of my existence in the world ...
On a software language if developer will not leave bug then what testers , support managers will do .. and how the project is going to give me revenue for 8 long years .. 

Some can say this capitalistic society is hell responsible for these then let it be .. does not it give me pleasure when I see my share pirces going high on sensex and does not it give me pleasure when my 10 year son comes first in the state level debate competition .. though his failure in national level competition can give me sleepless mournings .. or my share plummeting due to subprime makes me poorer by  50% of my worth .. 

If some one is haapy with his simple living  and high thinking then be it .. 

I would rather like to live in the Matrix and continue to enjoy earthly twist than to become the follower of Mr Anderson ... 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting for the league of extra ordinary events

Be it Indian Premier league . Indian Political League (vote ) or not so known Hollywood Premier League on HBO .. lots of events coming up .IPL was an astounding success last year and the success formula was a case study in management institutes and now it has added another dimensions .. Having Indian Premier League in South Africa (Mahamta Gandhi must be smiling ... it was South Africa where he started ) ...

Now on a serious note when IPL started last year everyone said that this clash of cities in India wont work but they were all silent .. Now they say having a match in SA kills the purpose of city clashes .. I am eager to know how these guys are making this things .. because it will open all new avenues ... 
It's new form of outsourcing .. If a situation in a country is bad then shift the occassion to another and this is what "the world is flat  " is all about ...So if IPL season 1 was Mr Anderson knew that he is the person to break the jinx of Matrix then IPL season 2 may be Matrix Reloaded with new avenues and adventures ... (quite a comparision .. IPL with Mr Neo ) ..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Salamm Rahman ..

I couldn't but came up with another ode to Master Rahman .. I congratulate him for the oscar and the glory he has brought . but I am really ecstatic about the line he delivered "All through my life I had the choice of love and hate and I choosed love ..."
Thank you Rahman ... You have delivered the perfect punch to all .. I sincerely hope this universal line reaches to all the persons and makes this world a little good place ...
If I remeber Spideman-2 also echoed the same note . we have choices to make .. and I pray god to give all my fellow men and me the will power to chosse love over hate ..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delhi -6 and SlumDog

Couple of week , when someone asked A.R.Rehman about the ongoing controversy about Slumdog Millionaire , he replied if someone complains about the picture that this film shows about India , then that person should go and make a movie on actual glorious Incredible India and tell them See this is what real India is ..
I dont want to start once again the futile debate about Slumdog but I just started with because Delhi-6 just showed me what Slumdog lacked ... I really admired Slumdog and I thoroughly enjoyed and now I am eagerly waiting for it to win Oscar ...I don't buy the idea that through Slumdog someone painted India as proverty-sticken country .. Slumdog is an excellent work of art and I enjoyed .. But what SlumDog missed is the gaining point of Delhi.. Or it may be "Tale of Two Different Cities "... But if I take both Delhi and Mumbai and India as one entity then ... Delhi -6 showed why Indianness works ..why diversity is our unity .. why the hole in a wall is used by the women of two houses to share ... why the cow giving birth to calf stops traffic .. and why the civilzation has lasted for 5000 years and will continue to grow ...
The combination of Slumdog and Delhi -6 is what we see around ..If a boy in slumdog can become crorepati then an NRI can come here and can visualize the journey within himself ..
Despite all odds a Slumdog becomes millionaire and despite all odds kala bandar brings back communal harmony ..

Lets Celebrate two great pieces of work and story -telling and that's what I have done ..
Jai Ho .. Kala Bandar .....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Choices and destiny are they opposite or complemet.

Is a man bound by his destiny ? we get to read life of many people who have changed their destiny by their preservance and also their hard work .. 

Now we also hear if you don't make choice choice makes you .. Now if we think destiny is something determined by that Almighty which we have to challenge then we say I made the choice to defy my destiny and make my Destiny of myslef .. Now this Big D destiny is also a choice and and that small d destiny is alos choice .. 
So Choice and destiny goes along with each other ... So what if I dont do anything and let the almighty do it for myslef .. And what if I tried my heart-out to change what the almight has planned to do for me .. 

I am totally confused .. Can we make a choice to choose our destiny or destiny determines what choice we are going to take ..
See . If you have been reading till this end .. you must have been crazy enough ..