Thursday, November 5, 2009

Curse of a Superhero..

I have watched many Hollywood superhero movies and every time the superhero is in doldrum ... he doesn't now is he doing good by trying to save the human race as this human race is the embodiment of all evil .. still superhero fights and fights .... but for how long ... For last twenty years 17000 run and the story still same ..
Please answer my one simple question .. If the superhero saves 99 people and fails in saving 1 people .. then is he to blame or be worshiped .. I know the mission was to save 100 but isn't the superhero a human-being .. Is he infallible ?? Skeptics say no as he can't be hence he is Superhero ..
Who said Cricket a team game .. 175 run .. 50% of the run and still the team can't chase 18 out of 17 balls ..

Still the superhero says
"I care about playing for India, it's a passion and I have been absoloutely honoured to play for India so long."
There is a lesson for me ... The path may be tedious but we have to walk the path ..

I am really privileged to be in the time of this SuperHero ..

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