Monday, November 2, 2009

Why we fume ....

I have been fighting a battle .. and the battle is to control my anger .. why do we get angry ? I don't know .. but a clean dissection of my anger tells something about mine ..I have observed the moment I get angry I am the most helpless person in the world .. The moment I loose my temper means I have lost all control of my mind .. that means getting angry is the last weapon of my self-defense and always a bad one .. which not only pollutes me but also pollutes the human relationships upon which my life flows ..
One day after I let out my anger , I sat down and analyzed thoroughly my day and how the anger has come to control me .. I found a peculiar nature .. On that day I have completely lost about myself .. Myself means the smile , the breadth (deep ones).. I have made the choice to bow down myself before everything and when this one gets too longer .. something bursts out ..

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