Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a Killer ...

My 8  year old son has this bad habit .. He plays with those childrens of slumdwellers near our apartment and tells me all those below par thinkings and behaves like them .. I am sending him to the most famous school but he seems to pick up them and their idiosyncrasies . They dont know how to cook . they dont have proper sanitation .. they drink the municipality water and i fear my son may bring some unknown desease to my home .. I fear they might steal the gold chain he is worrying . I hate them ..
Why so much hate around in this world .. who fills this hatred .. Does being the supreme power brings this menace .. I never see a donkey hating a donkey . a cow hating a cow .. but I can see a man hating a  man .. With great power comes the great responsibility .. the responsibility to raise above others and being the messiah of all .. To nurture the nature around us ..But I do the exact opposite .. Who has told Tamilians to fight for their rights in Srilanka .. Who has told Talibs to fight in Pakistan .. Who has told Israels to attack Hamas .. we make our rule and break them .. 

All Indians are my brothers and sisters and also the world-dewellers but why I dont think twice before the bloodshed .. And was Buddha the fool who took the path of nirvana ... 

I think when I will get the answer I can also get that nirvana .. till then Lets Kill and be Get Killed .. 

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