Tuesday, August 4, 2009

India’s pride : Hockey And Agriculture !!!

Hockey is our national game and India is an agricultural country . Are we listening properly ?? Yes Cricket is not our national game and boom in the stock market is not the clear indication of our economic prosperity.
Am I wrong? Then how many time we have observed a full hockey game for whole the length and how many parents tell their children to become a farmer ?? What an odd question, isn’t it ? If we don’t want our national prides to be persuaded by our future generation then why teach them wrong fundamentals in their school days ? Who do we want to cultivate lands ? The person who has been suppressed for years and has been programmed by us to remain as farmer for the rest of hundred years to become a farmer …We don’t want the farming to become a popular job.. Hence we give them free power supply during DAYTIME and keep them in dark whole night so that their children can never get that amount of leanings to be able to sit with us in our AC buildings .. And we also want them to keep poor so that we can get elected when the next term comes by playing with their bad fortunes and poverty.. India is growing by an excellent 7% and agriculture has to play an important role if this has to sustain and the green shoots in the stock markets or the final dividend or P/E ratio can never achieve this.. Can not be there any program in our sophisticated business organisations which can teach us how to become a good farmer …. When everything in this capitalistic world depends upon the highly advertised marketing fundas to succeed, can agriculture get away from it …
Everybody here talks about the IPL .. Do everyone remembers that a similar hockey champion is there also . Sachin’s tennis elbow is hot topic but the name of the player who nearly missed his eye sight !!! does anyone bother !!!
If we are in a habit of neglecting our pride to let them deteriorate by the wheels of fortune ..then lets not declare anything our pride .. Taj Mahal is our pride ..but we continue to fight whether a temple existed there or not !!!Tiger is our national animal and there exists only a few … It is said that we know how deeply we love a person when we get a little far from it .. then will we wait for that time when our national prides will cease to exist and then we can understand their importance .. but we must understand not everything is irreversible ..

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