Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pursuit Of Happiness

One evening I was  surfing channel , when I saw one discussion going on about the index of happiness . In that it was found that Denmark has the happiest people in the world . And one of the guest told his experience about Cuban people who also ranks high on this index .As the cuban economy is below par , they are not a consumerate society .They dont have the money to buy anything so they instead put their mind in keeping relations .. 
Intersting thought really .. If I have the money then I will do either of two things .. one how to utilize this money for present and make plan for the current inflow to continue in future and second to raise my head and compare with rest others who are earning more than me and making plan to cross them .. If I have TV I will buy cd player and if I have 2-bhk flat will buy 3-bhk in metro .. 
On these thoughts I forget my freinds , my neighbours , my society ...Still I continue the unsatiable thirst of fulfilling my desire ,oblivion to the fact that desire can never be fulfilled and fulfillment of one gives rise to another .. In my sublime we think the happiness and desire are same .. but no not same ..All these above lines have been told by many spiritual leaders and I know them very well ..still everyday I forget and remain in the pursuit ... 
     But then what I will do .. will I leave my home , my job  , my family and become oblivion to all my responsibility and wander in the forest .. 
No one can answer this .. But what answer now I find is that to search for the fulfillment of desire on the name of Pursuit of happiness is the purpose for which I am made of .. I can not separate from it.. This is my Karma .. to be attached to the mundane world and continue to compare and loose rather estarnged and win ..
Neither being compeltely abhorrent nor being completely a gourmet ... I am in the world because some one has done that and I will do because some one will come .. 
it's like walking the path to know the path .. noone can tell you what lies ahead or beneath or above or under .. 
I am writing with completely insane mind .. i started with Cuba and now I have reached Karma .. well knowing this also I am not deleting all those because this is the way it was meant to be .. U can never become happy unless U know what is meant to be sad .. and if I will completely understand what the Pursuit of Happiness is then what is the logic of my existence in the world ...
On a software language if developer will not leave bug then what testers , support managers will do .. and how the project is going to give me revenue for 8 long years .. 

Some can say this capitalistic society is hell responsible for these then let it be .. does not it give me pleasure when I see my share pirces going high on sensex and does not it give me pleasure when my 10 year son comes first in the state level debate competition .. though his failure in national level competition can give me sleepless mournings .. or my share plummeting due to subprime makes me poorer by  50% of my worth .. 

If some one is haapy with his simple living  and high thinking then be it .. 

I would rather like to live in the Matrix and continue to enjoy earthly twist than to become the follower of Mr Anderson ... 

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