Friday, August 17, 2012

Death of Social Media ?

It was not a long before , when I participated in a group disscusion for my final placement at IMT on the topic "Should social media needs to be controlled" .As usual we threw all management jargons to drive home the point and to get the job .But something simillar has happened .

Yes Facebook IPO has come and gone and the share is in doldrums . But I am really disturbed by the events happening in Assam and then subsequent events . One of the benefit was thought that what-ever you post , someone likes or someone comments and you suddenly get conscious about your posts . This was proposed as the benefit by which people get controlled by their group .
But what was not thought was how the false picture and rumour by some people can tarnish the image and create a total chaos across the country .

I have always been a supporter of market principle and believe that law of demand supply will regulate the animal spirit , which in case of social media is the group 's like and dislike controls one's activity . But somehow now I can feel that this market of social media also needs one governing authority which can oversee the good and evil .

All over the human civilization we have fought for the freedom , but repeteadly with the freedom we have somehow perfomed very badly in delivering the responsibilities that get associated with it .This has led to the repeatedly pushing humans into slaves . The sad one in me says that perhaps we were never brought to become free and the seemingly death of the social media rises another alaram for slavery .

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