Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finally A Post ..

So getting something to post and that to after a long long time . If I don't consider my previous post on Rahul Dravid then it's almost 7 months . The reason was I didn't find anything to write on that time . As the placement season started I decided not to sit for the easier options on the campus and to wait for the profile . Then as time progressed and the situation in job market and campus deteriorated , I some how lost my confidence and one or two job started to desert me . 
Then finally something clicked and I landed on this job . This was as far as close to the profile I felt for and thanks to all good people around me I got it . Yeah on the scale of hefty pay packages this one will definitely fail but I am hopeful that in the long run those things get sorted out automatically :) . How do I feel at the new workplace ? Hmmm .. I will say it is still a bit early to comment but so far it has been excellent . A great learning experience .  
So Now I am once again at a new city in India . Mysore , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Mumbai, Baroda , Kolkata , Chennai , Delhi and now at Pune . Every city with which I was associated had  created a story with me and I  feel a story is definitely due for this . 
And yes , this time I am going to make it . For a change I am making a promise to myself that I will visit all the tourist places at Pune . Because you know I am quite bad at it . I stayed in Delhi for 2 years and have never visited the Taj and Haridwar . So this time I will improve upon this one . 

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