Friday, March 9, 2012

Rahul Dravid

A lot of things happening around me . MBA getting over , farewell is over and the job search is on ..but one thing that has made me nostalgic is the news of "The Wall" will retire . Along with Sachin , Rahul was my reason for watching cricket . I remember those days when I wake up from bed and switch on my tv to find India batting at 28/2 and on crease two men still playing . 
You sit back and watch the beauty , when 6 balls in a over and each ball will be sent to each one of the in-circles fielders sequentially . The joke is "arey tu bhi le ek ball , fielding kar le " then one super shot and its boundary . 
The straight-bat became a lexicon in my life ..when ever the things are not doing right , dig it out and wait , wait and wait to show the straight bat . 
I still do that . play a straight bat defensive shot like Dravid to wind me up . Dravid on the field and off has been a perfect gentleman and a role-model for me . 
And as they say all good things come to an end  .Some part of me childhood .. died today ..I will  miss you Rahul Dravid . 

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