Sunday, September 12, 2010

For last 5-10 years I have been reading discussions regarding whether the spread of Internet is going to kill the habits of reading and writing a book or not. I am not starting this discussion once again but just trying to put another view to this . People said due to the internet people are able to read e-books , people can write their expression on the blog and friend can read and hence no need for keeping a diary or writing a book . 
                                But one fine morning I see this site , where you can print your blog into a book . Now then how does it happened ?From where does the need for printing a book from your blog comes into ? 
                               What I can say is that man is not a machine and human emotions cann't be compared with the ease of numerical calculation ... Though the blog will spread but the emotion in holding the book of your favorite author to read you diary in the darkest moment of your life is something that words can never express .Its purely human emotion at work . The self-actualization of reading your diary or gifting your favorite possession to your belove one through a book ... Internet can never take this from us ....

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