Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shaktimaan @ the bottom of pyramid ..

For the first time I saw Orissa figuring in one of the marketing case study .Not for some naxalite issue or not for underdeveloped region but for a successful sales and distribution model implemented by HUL . I am talking about the project Shaktimaan by HUL .
                    In this project the rural distribution of HUL , for villages having  population less than 2000,  is being  done by self-empowered male head of the family .He gets a cycle  , a renumeration and a way to shape his future from the company  . This person goes around the village in cycle , takes the order from the retailer and makes sure the supplies are reached to him . Apart from being a salesman , he becomes the company spokesman at that level . This is a great initiation by HUL considering the fact that it does taps the market which is there at the bottom of the pyramid or the rural sector .Apart from being the CSR (corporate social responsibility ) initiative , it successfully  delivers HUL's vision at the rural customers . Through Shaktimaan the brand manager reaches each and every individual and makes them part of the company's value chain .
               Surely this Shaktimaan will definitely not keep the Andhera Kayam (No more darkness )...

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