Sunday, September 12, 2010

NEEV '10 : Chaos and effect

This is an interesting one .. This NEEV'10 guys have done really a good job .

First and foremost they are able to catch my attention to the fact that they are going to have their annual B-school event on 10th of December .Being an IMTian I get every week a dozen of inter b-school events and annual fest mails . Hardly do I spend a moment in understanding the fact , what they try to do .
                            But these NEEV guys were able to catch my attention by simply making me feel that ,  yes I can at least get a certificate for my blogging . Never ever I thought that   a pastime that I do , whenever I have nothing else to do can at least get my name registered for a B-school competition . So my blog is now registered and I hope to get a prize of Rs 3000/- . Hey , just joking guys .. A nice job by NEEV 10 to generate anticipation for their B-school event and a lots of good luck to them for that . Yeah I can do another thing for them ..
                         As they did give me a chance to showcase my writing , in return I decided to at least make them a blog topic in my blog . So we both can help each other . Here I go ...
 Guys please visit  and everyone has chance to win something .Here you see .. by collaborating with each other I and NEEV'10 both are in win-win situation .

With a hope that CHAOS created by me will surely be able to generate the Butterfly EFFECT ..

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