Monday, August 16, 2010

Life @ IMT (essay written in the BC class)

This is the essay I have written in the BC class . I thought to preserve this piece of paper and hence just copying everything from that .It has just one month experience and a life long expectation hidden in it .

                  Life at IMT for me is the life that I left 5 years back .This is the life that I longed for when I was at my office desk .Though the culture has changed for me from swiping my attendance card to answering the roll call , I have started enjoying .
                It is often said that you miss the dearest part of you , only when you are far from it .Somewhere I started missing myself during my career .But I believe I am the fortunate one to come back live once more with myself.
                 Though after the IMT , I will be back to corporate , but I will have this time a more wide vision , a more wide horizon to look into .This time I will be equipped with something extra to control myself.
                 When I will go back , I will not spend so much on my weekends on trips to mall as already I have started to cut-down my expenses , so as to have a lesser impact of my joblessness . So this time I can plan for the recession very well .
                In terms of campus life , in a short 1 month , IMT has been generous enough to give myself lots of energetic friends and professors . Though the food at IMT canteen can be of debatable standard , but I have seen much more bad food at office canteen even paying much more price .
               So in the end I can just say that life @ IMT is going to be a milestone in my career and I am sure after twenty years down the line , when I will look down these years , I will definitely feel proud and happy .

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Rakesh said...

I hope your list of energetic friends include me :D