Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am going through the site and do u know what ? Through these ads/clips I can see the change that has occurred  in our lives all of the indian lives .. seeing those ads just gives me the time through which we as a country have seen through . be it mille sur mera tumhara or purab se suraj ugga ..all those slogans have just come and changed us .. when we were fighting for our integrity , when we were fighting for literacy ..when we were fighting for our basic needs is the india in us has come out ..and we have passed all our hurdles in the past .. and on the eve of Independence day I sincerely believe we will continue to do so .. we may be only 63 years old by the media ..but we have been here since last 5000 years ..and will be there for at least a 5000 years more .

Jai Hind .. Buland bharat ki buland tasveer ....humara aaj ..humara kal .humara Indian DNA ...

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