Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The subject I am liking most ..

Which subject do I like most ? Is it ITDM ... I have come from IT background so I can talk global about it for hours ...  Is it Business Communication ? Is it Accounting as I was one of the key resource in accounting module before coming here ?Is it Marketing ? ... I love this as I am going to be associated for rest of my professional life ? .. Is it Managerial Economics ...because I love to think about that .. No I do like all of them above .. But I am starting to real love organisational behavior .. as it is about myself .. it is about how to be in control of my fate ..it is about how to win my own battle ... alll will follow once I am in complete control of myself .. the OB analysis might say that I am not born to be manager ..but it also says there is exception and the dissonance can be reduced If I know to stroke myself .. So till now OB is the front seat ..

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Rakesh said...

Give a good positive 'stroke' sir !!
And on a serious note, as I always say.. stop under-estimating urself.