Saturday, August 7, 2010

So 45 days gone ..

So 45 days have gone .. I mean 1 mid term is over and hardly another 6 week will wrap up the 1st trimester ...then 5 more will remain ... what has been the learning for me ? Is it the regression analysis or the time series prediction ?

yeah if 45 days is going to be the sample of the 6 trimester population then .. i can say the t-test result will definitely predict correctly . Do I sound MBAlike ? Yeah .. then in layman's term what I can say is that I am enjoying this and definitely I can say that the decision seems right . To progress in life you need to learn something and unlearn something and I believe that till this time this process is right on track . When you start working and continue working for almost 5 years , you develop some black-spots on your soul and this learning is going to unlearn those black spots . So a good beginning and with lots of hope , lets get into play ..

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