Sunday, August 8, 2010

Side Effects of pursuing PGDM in marketing

So I am pursuing PGDM in marketing and the first meeting with marketing came in the marketing management -1 class . The god of the marketing book by Philip Kotler . The book is full of jargons , and examples only and to the best of it not a single question will come from the book in mid-term and end-term . But the book itself is quite enjoyable and only holding the same you feel the way it has been written to perfectly market itself . So you read once the book and then get an insight of the same .
Yeah , I forgot about the side effects of PGDM . After 6 weeks of marketing classes and listening to all the cases of different companies , one thing has changed . I have been looking at different ads in a view slight different way . I am trying to find out the relationship between the add and the company and the value proposition it's trying to make . I am reading economic times and the brand equity page has become somewhat favorite . Took part in the mark-roadies and did one thing : though we couldn't go to the second round , was able to put my team's picture on the markup site . So you see perfect marketing .....

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