Friday, August 20, 2010

Following the herd ..

The easiest way to live the life is to follow the herd .Do whatever anyone is doing ..nod what other person is saying .. and think like what other mind is doing ..Ohh .. have I forgotten , God has given each one of us a thinking brain distinct from each other ..Then why do we follow the herd ...
                  Is it the fear of being alone it the fear of being criticized for something you are not aware ? Yes the solitary life is too much a horror ....Listening to caustic comments is life threatening and withstanding the cumulative force of  a herd is a task larger than life ...So what to do ... lets go and join the mass ...
                 But somewhere a soft voice in me says ... No ..Don't Follow them ..They all are in the matrix ...they all are virtually blind ...and they need someone to be their Neo ... they want someone to open their eyes ..they want someone to make them believe that man is the golden creature of the almighty and it cann't be the rusting iron ..
               Though this little voice says too much a sentence but what I can take from that is what RabindraNath Tagore said "Akela Chalo re" ...Walk Alone ...I believe if the power of truth and wisdom will be with me then I will find on the way many others who are walking alone for the benefit of all ...And then we all can walk together ..not follow the herd ..

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