Saturday, February 13, 2010

We need several Mumbais

On national televisions I am getting one single big news on the eve of release of MNIK .. SRK vs shiv Sena .. Media is doing perfectly right by supporting the case of unified India .. Mumbai is for all ...Kolkata is for all ..But why do people fall for the Thackrey's ..I think they do have a point .. and the long term goal of everyone should be to eliminate the root cause of this point .. then only Thackrey's will remain silent for ever ..

It is always said sports and arts should be always remain separated from politics but they become part of the politics to gather attention .. If someone is saying that reservation should be for all marathis .. then they must have some reasons .. It's because all prime time news channel serve the 10-8 working class executives need ... no one seem to bother for the deprived one .. and the interesting matter is that deprived ones are the people who vote .. If a picture is projected before the deprived class that they loose because of all other people getting their piece of pie ..then they will buy it ..unless we actually do something to give them their due .

Does this mean giving reservation to all who belong to their state(the deprived ones ) .. No .. the answer is to create opportunity for all in all parts of the country ... start the process of create another Mumbai ... may be 4-5 more Mumbai s .. create growth at all parts of the country ... so that the difference between haves and have-nots is lessened . then only the divisive politics will fail ..
If we think by providing the security to a film we can show then that we all pray for unity in diversity .. then believe me it's just show business .. India is a big country and we do have space for multiple financial capitals .. why will all the corporate heads sit at Mumbai .. make them create one at Bihar .. may be Jharkhand may be at Orissa .. (making them create means creating all basic infrastructure) ..

No one likes to leave from his home town and go to a far place for his living's only the opportunity to grow makes us to leave ..and if a Mumbai is there at the side of Lord Jagannath .. then I will settle there for ever ..

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