Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Back .. Sewing Machine..

During my school days one of the famous house-hold instrument was the sewing machine .. it was a bit crazy at that time .. All households dreamt of keeping one ... and so does my mother also and kitty party of ladies included topic of how to sew through sewing machine ... In fact what I believe is that sewing machine was the sign of power of house-wives .. as most of the women were house-wives they tried to spend their spare time watching Tulsi on good world doordarshan and sewing on the Usha lexus machine ..
then I grew up and in between the importance of sewing machine faded away .. as ready made garments from foreign manufactures flooded and the importance of female higher education ensured women in office ... the sewing machine became a thing of past .. at least I missed their add on the television for the last decade ..
But a month ago I found them back on the prime time television add show .. and this time they are quite fashionable .. and it shows a happy family and the young mother designing with the sewing machine .. and this add itself tells a complete different story ..a changed confident educated caring woman of India .. with the sexy looking sewing machine I believe Indian Woman has come of her age (at least for some .)and hope this will continue ..

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