Monday, October 18, 2010

The best year to do MBA..

I could have done my MBA in the year 2005 , 2006 ..2009 but somehow in the end I am doing this in the year 2010 and have earned the senior citizen tag in my class . But today I got one reason why god gave me this year as the year to do MBA . This thought came to me in the Macroeconomics and Corporate finance class .
       The whole of microeconomics teaches the behavior of the economy as a whole and how to manage during recession . The whole of Corporate finance tells of the risk and return and the managing during recession times .Now you guys can find out  where this is going . The whole world is trying to come out of a recession , everywhere government is trying to do something , every corporate is expanding  and what can be the best case study to learn management of recession than to observe all these above in the time of happening ? Just imagine studying recession during boom of the 2005 . I would have completely discarded the learning as rubbish  as all the world did that time . None could foresee the recession and when that really occurred , everyone ran for cover . Now that I have seen the recession , seen the complete boom of 2005 to recession of 2007-08 and the corresponding recovery through active government intervention , I do buy the theory what I am reading .
    So in the end i got one solid point why 2 year MBA so late . I can tell everything has a time and hence stop worrying , start doing ..

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