Monday, October 11, 2010

Brand Rajni..

We all know brand is a set of promises and delivering the promises to the customer is the brand management .Then where does the Rajni Brand stands ?If one see the bald-headed , thin Rajni off the screen , then one can never understand why fans are so crazy about him ? But let's ponder .
                    Whenever Rajni makes a movie it promises it's fans (read customers) a grand extravaganza of music , action , fun and emotion which is intangible .If we take movie making as a service and then we can know how the intangibility of movie experience is , then we can admire the fact how this brand delivers what it promises . The important fact to remember is how the man carries himself off the screen .People say he is the altar of modesty and he is a superb gentleman and these are the characteristics which makes him look larger than life . All this is of utmost importance for brand management where you try to win the heart of the customer through excellent service delivery . The gap between what people perceives and what the brand delivers is almost nil and hence the Rajni Brand rocks ....As a future marketer I do salute the Thalaiveer or the Brand Rajni ..

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