Sunday, October 10, 2010

Greed is Good

"Greed for lack of a better word , is good " : A aphorism by Gordon Gekko (Wall Street movie ) which I believe will always echo through all the human civilizations to follow . The greed always generates negative perception in our mind but sit back for a while and ponder and we can know that greed in a limited amount has always been the driver of our lives .It is the desire for the survival of the fittest has made man the best and this desire is nothing but Greed . It is the greed for wealth , for success , for happiness .. greed is behind everything and if we don't greed for anything then we will reach the ultimate Brahma and the ultimate goal of taking birth in the world ends . 
                So as long as we are in this earth , we should greed in a  limited amount which will make the greed look achievable .The point is to curtail the excessive greed so that it doesn't becomes outrageous .As per as the human civilization is concerned no greed will define the ultimate end of our living .We have to balance between two extremes of no greed and excessive greed and then the Greed is good for all of us .

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