Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Mumbai .. Day three

For last two days I hav been travelling through the second class compartment of Mumbai Local ...ansd have been thinking what's making these people not feeling irritated and what's making them going on and on ... Sum will say we dont complain because if we will complain who will feed our family ... But the real answer .. I have got today .. on day three ..
As always I got into the second class compartment by pushing every other on my way to Churchgate .. Suddenly jai hanumaan sound was heard . i didnt try to figure out where it was coming as it would be a foolish attempt to do so .. Everyone in the compartment was singing and praying .. KIRTAN was going on .. Jai jagadish hare .. then Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar . followed . everyone singing praising the lord ..
Bhaktton janoo ke sankat khana mein dur karoon .. om swami jai jagadish hare ..
this alone was able to life my mood also ..I was feeling rejuvenated .. my glucose level in my blood became high ... and I was no longer feeling the same .. dull and irritated ...
and after 15 minutes kirtan , the prasad was distributed in the compartment .. noone knew anyone .. but everyone was saying please take the "bhog" and was waiving their palm above them so that others could take a bit .. everyone was there for evryone . even though noone was there for anyone ..
This may not be the daily scene at the compartment .. but isnt this can be the tonic for the whole week ahead ?


aveek said...

Not only about Mumbai sub-urban rails, when i was in Ganjam, i ve seen unskilled labourers migrate to Surat and Mumbai in packed general bogies. Next time u board Konark, have a look at the general bogies. Lack of industrialization in Orissa, has made Ganjam as one of the largest supplier of unskilled labourers, perhaps in the world (as one of my Anthropologist friend from DU told me). Most Indians still lead a life that is "inhumane" by western standards. We need honest and prudent netas, who focus on development rather than elections. Parties spend hundreds of crores of rupees of elections, which they derive from public funds by corrupt means. If this would have been properly spent, all the good plans of the past would have been successful and we would be living in a better country.

Anonymous said...

Perfect Aveek . that's the only reason I sumtimes think that I should join active politics .. because politics need us ..