Saturday, October 15, 2011

Indian Railways

During my train journey I keep on engaging with fellow passengers with various issues . This time I had a chance to interact with the coach attendant of my B-1 3-tier ac coach . He was a man from my home town , so it took little time to start a conversation . I asked him about the way things are happening , about their salaries , the penalties for loosing the blankets and bed-sheets while in a journey . And his answers were quite eye-opener for me .

He showed me his white shirt , which he was wearing at that time and asked what do you think about the shirt ? I shook my hand saying it looks nice . He said that shirt's cloth is the stolen bed-sheet from train . I was quite surprised as the penalty for a pair of bed-sheets are Rs 200/- . He said that the cost of buying a cloth for his shirts were higher , so he was happy to pay that amount of fine .

Then he said the penalty for loosing the blanket is Rs 900/- and there is also a business model to benefit from this . I asked how and he said steal a blanket from a train and give it to another train attendant who has lost it for Rs 500/- . Obviously this stealing is done by pantry managers . And the benefit that the pantry manager gets is Rs 500/-and the train attendant is benefited by 900-500 = Rs 400 .

So long I was listening . Then I asked how did he get this job ? He said one of the local politician is the chief of a group who is responsible for their sourcing . He takes Rs 10000 - 15000 from these poor souls and gives them a job of monthly remuneration Rs 3000/- . And if the guy keeps on indulging these above mentioned activities then he can very well collect the principal money in 6 months time .

So as my train was approaching next big station and I was getting ready to sleep , I once again thanked the jugaad .

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रुपेश कुमार तिवारी said...

Wah ustad. He would have Jugad Guru gave lots of management funda...