Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jugaad leads to corruption

Lots of management gurus have been saying that jugaad is the face of Indian innovation . They say we Indians can manage with very little resource , and with jugaad mindset we innovate in our every walk of life . Fair enough , I also believe the same way .But I would like to put another side of this coin .

It is the mindset of jugaad which wakes up to do fulfill objectives at the last moment . The deadline is there , but who cares ? Only when the deadline becomes a sword on our head , we feel it is the time to go . On our endeavor to access the goal in the last minute , we try to overcome any single rule in the society through any means . Be it bribing the traffic police , be it braking queue or be it putting ourselves in danger . What I believe that  with the virtue of jugaad we have also the vice of challega (it's ok mindset ) .No need to improve upon the process , no need to benchmark ourselves and no need to take the onus on ourselves . Take the example of CWG game , the shoddy work is the result of the mindset jugaad . We were just able to showcase the world the  grand show of CWG game . But  underneath the vice of "challega" has made us corrupted .

Take the 1991 economic reform . It was forced by the time to partially open our economy . But after that we have never felt the force against us and so we have never proceeded . And the mix of licencse raj (control of 51%) tells us to do a "jugaad " with politicians and leads to 2G scam .

What we need to believe is that jugaad cann't be the solution to everything . Jugaad can come and help us in disruptive invention . But we need to belive that invention as a process needs much more discipline than we show . IST or Indain Standard time of 30 min late to everything is the by product of jugaad mentality and we need to overcome this .
I may be wrong at this but I sincerely believe it ...

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