Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second year begins @ IMT ,Ghaziabad

So it has turned a full circle . One year of MBA is over . Campus is filled with anxious looking parents and to-be student managers . The vendor for selling pillows , beds and coolers are ready to suck the blood out of them with their highly overpriced items and as always eager seniors ready to 'interact ' with juniors .So nothing has changed , though the hot and dry Ghaziabad of last year has become humid and sweating Ghaziabad this time .

For me , the second year has begun and with it the count-down to jump into the action of life which will start after March 15 , 2012 . So what do I wish for next 3 term ? Nothing really .. a good ending to this wonderful MBA ... a decent enough job to start with and the continued bliss with these wonderful 420 IMTians of batch 2010 - 2012 . So let the game begin ...

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