Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A victim of own success

What happens when something  becomes a victim of its own success ?? I believe the whole of business world is full of example how a company once in fortune 500 list files for bankruptcy and then suddenly vanishes or becomes the victim of own success .
       I used to  think  how a company which is doing tremendously good by doing in a certain kind of way can fail ? .. You take everything granted because of your success story  .. You suddenly believe the success your birth right and you suddenly try to unlearn all the good virtues that you have learned ... A level of arrogance , a care for no one attitude overwhelms the once successful entity ...And to make things worse the result of the all the wrong doings because of such arrogance seems excellent in the beginning .. and that initial success creates a layer of deception which becomes an impediment to see all the wrong doings .. in the end it creates a vicious cycle of going down and down .. 
      But this happens till one fine morning .. as on that morning you rise from bed and think it would have been better not to rise at all .. so what can be the solution ? The solution is to keep challenging the status quo ....and how to do that ? I don't have the answer right now ..

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