Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cultural aspect of doing business

So one of the lessons that you learn while doing MBA , specially international business is that "While in Rome , do as Romans do" i.e. you have to admire the culture and do your job according to that . Though it can seem not new but when I think now , I can recall that I had an such culture shock in my carrier earlier . I left my job at Bangalore and I moved to Kolkata  .
In one of first assignment I had to send one mail for getting the approval for setting the application server . I did as I did in Bangalore . I send one mail and expected that in the end the job will be done .I had forgotten that I am at a culture where doing your job requires a personal touch .
My team-lead came and told me the same . He was also a guy from Bangalore and he told me in Kolkata , to do a job you have to give it a personal touch . so go and talk .
I did that and my job was done instantly .
At that point , I just felt bit annoyed about the whole process , but in the end I adopted the process .

 But now when I recall , I just admire the way things get done differently even in a single country .

Just curious to see how different it will be from country to country !!!!

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