Friday, October 24, 2008


Last week , the headline was of the employees of the jet airways who were fired , and then asked to join the office ... Lots of trauma between those three days for those employess and I feel extremely sorry for them .But my talking point is that how those employess contacted Mr Raj Thackerey to solve their problem .. Why I said this because a week after Mr Raj is once again in the news for all wrong reason ..
Now when we see all the riots caused by the blind followers of MNS , we say how those people did that ? Are they not properly educated to see themselves what is good or bad ...if all those jet employees can contact him for theoir problem , why cann't a general man follow Mr Raj who is deprived of his basic necessities ? And this tells all the problem .. it's not good or bad ... its not about moral .. we tend to follow the side which can provide us our basic need .. and if the government cann't provide it then either god or the demi-gods can do it ..

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