Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sorry Jesus....

The recent attack on churches of Christians all over India has made my heart heavy . This act is not less inhuman and barbaric than the bombing and killing of my fellow Indians all over India .Though the group responsible for the attack on the churches may site the reason of conversion as the main cause but the group who is responsible for the terror attacks also may site simillar reasons for their insanity .
Now Hinduism has always been the symbol of trust ,patience and sanity that comes from the inner self . Hindu says "NIJA SWARTHA PAIN JATA NUHE HINDU , PARA SWARTHA PAIN BALI DIA HINDU " A Hindu is never born for his self .He is there for the upliftment for his fellow men .Hinduism has been as symbolic as my India .Both have intermixing of cultures ,traditions and thinkings from various corners of the world .Hinduism symbols the Ganges which washes all the filth that comes its way . Hinduism symbols Lord Rama who strived for equality among all corners of society ( be it using banarsena or taking food from the lower caste woman ) . Hinduism symbols Lord Hanuman for perfect devotion . Hinduism ensembles within itself Gautam Budhaa , Mahavir Jain , Guru Nanak ,Khwaja Mainuddin Chisti ..
Then why a bunch of goondas will tarnish the centuries old tradition of Hiduism by raping and burning ladies in the name of anti-conversion .Is the so called devotee of Hanuman have forgotten the devotion of the Lord Hanuman himself for the mother Sita ...
Now comparing this with the islamic terrosrism that is prevalnt everywhere , I find each thing simillar .Because the idealism of both results in genocides .. and spreading of hatred ..
I have been brought up in a society where I have always admired Lord Jesus .And now from the core of my heart I am saying sorry to Jesus for all the sufferings his people have suffered .If we need laws for anti-terrorism then it has to ensemble all the miscreants of society it Myself ..

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