Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A sisyphean task ...

One more day of heavy rainfall .. and once more the chaos . be it the City of Joy or the Finance Capital .. the situation becomes more or less same ... The same breaking news of putting the blame on government .. Will there be any end to this ? .. Practically saying a big NO is the answer ..
If we just try to find the reason then we can know that we are the cause ..we never think while throwing our polythene on the road .. never care to take a bag to the market and never care to see if the drainage system in our locality is fine .. we take everything granted .. we think if we are paying the tax , governmnet should do all this (not like to say about who avaoid tax) ... we are happy to dine in a five star resturant in weekend .. and we are fine travelling to picnic spot and making it more dirtier .. our rivers are choking for our activities and we seem so ignorant ...
We have excuses for everything ..
I am also part of the system and I also do think like all of us .. But as long as I am not willing to change .the bedlam story of monsoon worries will continue ..

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